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Toll Blending Made Simple

At Formula Corp we make the process of Toll Blending easy. We will take your formula and supply the custom raw materials to produce a custom chemical blend. We will blend it to your company’s specifications and deliver it to you or a third party.

Your Product, Our Packaging

Formula Corp provides contract packaging for your custom blend, and retail packaged chemicals for West Coast contract Manufacturing and Distribution. We will work with you to design a custom label for your product using state-of-the-art equipment. With over 30 years of experience in digital design. Our friendly, knowledgable, and experienced staff will work with you to make your ideas come to life.

Well Equipped For Your Packaging Needs:

  • Filling capabilities ranging in size from 4oz. bottles to tanker truck loads. Our two custom “overflow” fillers are capable of filling a wide range of containers from 4oz. bottles to 1 gallon jugs and  allow us to maintain constant product levels while filling
  • Labeling Capabilities include full wrap or 2 sided roll stock labels at speeds up to 1000/minute
  • Custom Polyester  label stock for Drum & Tote labels can be printed in sizes up to 11″x17″ in full color
  • Warehousing and direct shipping of your products is available for an additional fee



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Why Choose Us?

Superior Formulas

contract-manufacturing-modulesOur experienced technical team works diligently monitoring the latest sustainable raw material developments. We review trade journals, meet with vendors, and solicit specific data from manufacturers in our attempt to use the most cost effective and sustainable ingredients in our formulations. We work with our clients to meet their standards for performance, sustainability, and safety.


Packaging that gets noticed

personal-care-moduleOur purchasing team working together with a number of local manufacturers has developed a number of environmentally preferred packaging options including numerous 50% PCR content HDPE bottle choices and 30% recycled fiber content corrugated boxes. We are able to provide our clients with comparable national brand equivalent packaging options.



cgmp2We contract with third party auditors for our cGMP Personal Care Audit. Silliker performed our latest audit in March 2014 and our score was 93.9% with a rating of Excellent. We contact with third party testing laboratories to perform preservative challenge testing, clinical safety evaluations and repeated insult skin patch tests, consumer performance evaluation reviews, and stability testing.



fdaWe are registered with the Food and Drug Administration to produce Over-The-Counter products including dandruff shampoos, antibacterial detergents/hand cleaners and hand sanitizers. We work closely with our suppliers and clients to assure we fully comply with all labeling and formulation specifications.

Automated Tube Filler

tube_filler_webpicWe have invested in a state of the art automated tube filler. It is an automatic system with a large bulk hopper that allows us to fill tubes containing 5 – 250 ml of product. Tubes can range in size from 10-50 mm in diameter and up to 200 mm in length. With this system, we are able to fill up to 3600 tubes per hour.



Happy CustomerThe entire team at Formula Corp. will work closely with you to develop the products you want to bring to market. We have the experience, innovation and commitment to quality to meet and exceed your expectations. We will partner with you to build your brand successfully.

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Our corporate headquarters is located in the beautiful vicinity of Seattle, Washington. We are safely nestled in between the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and the shores of Puget Sound. Mount Rainier majestically fills the sky, and the Space Needle makes an instantly recognizable landmark for anyone passing through to one of many pristine, Pacific Northwest destinations. Our strategically placed facility also gives us access to Portland, Oregon, Boise, Idaho, and the entire West Coast including California cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacremento, and Fresno. We are also located near the border, giving us access to customers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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