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Heat: De-Icer   HEAT Can be applied before, during or after an expected snowfall. HEAT is fast acting and easy to apply with immediate results. Long lasting action saves you on labor and down time. Ideal for use on exterior areas where snow and ice can be a problem to the public; schools, universities, shopping […]

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Glassy: R.T.U. Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner   GLASSY is a R.T.U. glass and hard surface cleaner. It is an efficient, non-streaking, versatile cleaner especially for windows, windshields, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, and counter tops. GLASSY can be used for many quick clean-up jobs. GREAT as a “quick” carpet spotter or upholstery spot remover. It […]

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Cold Spray Wax

Cold Spray Wax: Cold Applied Spray Wax   COLD SPRAY WAX is designed to be used in drive through car washes to promote quick dry and beading. Because it is concentrated, the enduser will find this product to be very economical to use Print PDFPrint MSDSMSDS Espanol Available Package Sizes: FT 70605 5 Gallon Pail FT […]

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Aluma Safe

Aluma Safe: Aluminum Brightener Formulated with Buffered Acid Safer Replacement for Hydroflouric Acid   ALUMA SAFE™ is a combination of buffered acids and wetting agents to clean and brighten aluminum. For use on trailers, tank trucks and other aluminum surfaces where fast cleaning and super brightening power are essential. Balanced to do an effective cleaning […]

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